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Forming a trusted partnership with our clients to address the economic and technological challenges facing municipalities, utilities and industries.


From an individual home water pump to an entire community’s water waste management, we got the solution tailed for your specific dilemma

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About “US” Operations Services Inc.

OSI has been providing management, operation and maintenance services for over 22 years. Our management and operations team have the necessary “hands on” technical experience in trouble shooting, managing, and operating systems ranging from small systems to major water and wastewater facilities of 50 mgd.

Meeting Compliance through Operational & Cost Efficiency

We focus on listening to our clients’ needs to tailor a program that will meet the meet the economic and technological challenges facing municipalities, utilities and industries today and tomorrow. Our approach to contract operations begins with a full assessment of the existing system to identify and prioritize improvements. Working closely with you to assess where you are today, a plan is developed to update standard procedures, implement short-term fixes and upgrades, and plan for the future, all while providing you with a predictable budget and taking responsibility for living within our means.

From Staffing to Management, Operations & Maintenance

Finding and keeping qualified staff continues to be a major challenge in the water and wastewater professions. Our industry is facing shortages of operations professionals due to retirement, maintaining the technology skills needed for continually changing regulatory issues and not enough young people entering the profession. When we take on contract operations of a facility, we implement our licensed and experienced staff to provide the expertise required. In addition, we can work with the existing staff to earn certification, provide clear career paths, and support them with a culture that rewards continuous improvement.

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