Developer Water and Wastewater Services

The OSI team has a diverse portfolio providing the private sector with a broad array of services. Clients include industrial systems with complex water and wastewater processes, private resorts with their own systems as well as taking over the operations of developer owned systems. Many of them are industries that require confidentiality due to proprietary processes. Some of our experience is included below.

Private Development Projects

OSI works with numerous private developments including new subdivisions where the developer owns and is responsible for the water and wastewater systems. We also are responsible for private resorts water and wastewater systems. We work with the owners and the regulators in tailoring our services for each client since there can be significant variables to the system due to system design and seasonal flow fluctuations.

Municipal & Industrial Projects

OSI worked with a major food processing facility and their contractor at initial startup including installation of the equipment. Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) process was installed as biological process used for wastewater treatment both municipally and industrially for BOD removal, nitrification and denitrification. This process provides the smallest footprint biological system, which is tolerant of both load swings and temporary load deprivation.

Once the system was installed OSI provided operational services and develop operating and maintenance procedures with the goal of training the existing plant staff to take over operations of the system. After the one year contract was completed and training completed, OSI successfully was able to turn over the operations of the facility to the client.